Molech?s Second Helping/Vigil on the National Mall
April 11, 2013

Dusty crosses, crescents, stars mark graves imagined,
not scattered across the country as they are
but all in one place
under one sun
burning down this April day on the heads of the makers of the laws of this
One nation under god
(which god?)
on whose altar we keep sacrificing our sons and daughters
while the holy women and the holy men
bury them
their sons and daughters
our daughters and sons

With tears and prayers
prophets collapse into one another
while the spider with its camera legs
and microphone arms scuttles to drop down, surround, the spectacle
so that we may feed ourselves again
(one nation under guns)
on our young
having bellied up to the buffet of past months, but sated not,
we come back for second helpings

Copyright ?2013 Christina G. Kukuk