Winter Blue Sky

Winter Blue Sky

See that Blue Sky?

Someone was talking to my 3-year-old the other day about summer, reminding him that days would come when he could go outside without a coat. In shorts. And a t-shirt.?The three-year-old just started laughing.?Maniacally. Like that was crazy talk. The funniest thing he’d heard all day.

It’s been that kind of winter in Northeast Ohio.

But the hours of light are lengthening. The “day” is getting longer. And even though it’s raining ice pellets outside as I write, Spring will come. It makes sense that in the Northern Hemisphere, the lengthening hours of light coincide with a spiritual season that builds toward Easter (“Lent” — related to “lengthen”), when Christians shout and sing that death does not get the last word, the life rises again, that a new day dawns even after the darkest night. It sounds like crazy talk. But we’ve?seen it happen.

So?I’ve been gearing up to prepare for Easter in an Embody sort of way.?I’ll share more on Lent and Easter themes next week. For now, keep looking at that blue sky. And if it helps to laugh like you’ve lost your mind, go for it.?Spring’s gonna come.